Charges for the granting of Credit Facilities

Documents preparation                                                      

(Housing and Student Loans excluded)                                

1. for Legal Entities                                                          0,30% of the amount of the credit facility 

                                                                       with minimum amount €50         

2. for Natural Persons  

(Business Loans excluded)

                                                                                        from €50.000                        €50

                                                                                        from €50.001 to €100.000      €100

                                                                                        from €100.001 to €200.000    €200

                                                                                        from €200.001 and above      €300

3. for Natural Persons

(for Business Loans)                                          0,30% of the amount of the credit facility 

                                                                                               with minimum amount €50


4. for Current Accounts Overdrafts ensuring commitment deposits                                     €20

Mortgage fees if the property is situated in another district     €50

Existing mortgage cancellation fees (Special Execution)          €100

Loan early paying-off                                                          free of charge

Charge for delays                                                               3% on the amount delayed

Certificate-delivering and consent-giving on amendments

and changes related to the property and further mailing                                                                               €10

Ledger fees                                                                        €5 half-yearly 

Charges for sending letter concerning delayed granting          €2 (unregistered mail)

                                                                                         €4 (registered mail)

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